Facial Treatments

  1. Basic Cleansing Facial- €55 (60 minutes)

    (for dry and normal to combination skin)
    Products suitable for each particular skin type are used in the treatment to remove impuritie which block the pores and cause skin irratations and blemishes. The special massage movements help to deep cleanse, by stimulating blood flow and loosening surface blockages while providing relaxation. The mask provides nourishment to balance the skin.

  2. Gentle Conditioning – €55 (60 minutes)

    (for dry and sensitive skin)
    Dry or sunburned skin requires special attention to restore balance, improve hydration and encourage new cell growth. The treatment products are carefully selected for this purpose while special care is taken so as not to aggravate the skin further. The mask contains vitamins essential to dehydrated skin and skin that has been exposed to the sun

  3. Skin Balancing Facial- €55 (60 minutes)

    (for oily skin)
    The ingredients of this facial help to clear blocked pores and remove excess oil generated by over-active sebum glands. Excessive massage is not recommended as it would over-stimulate the glands and aggravate the skin. A soothing cucumber mask is used to treat this skin type.