Massage Therapy

Good health and beauty through meditation, massage and use of natural herbal remedies is a time-honoured quest in Thailand.Here our highly trained therapists will soothe away the stress of modern life, dissolve impurities and heal your body, mind and spirit. The benefits will become obvious from the moment they begin. A complete sensory experience steeped in holistic Asian healing traditions awaits you at Lelawadee Thai Spa Killarney


With wide selection of facial treatment from natural herbs and minerals with no chemical added, it guarantees to smooth your face and skin, bring your beauty back, enhance brightness and reduce wrinkles and dark spot. Lelawadee Thai spa Killarney facial treatment also helps eliminate fatigue and restore harmony and balance to your skin. Browse through our 3 facial options and bring your true natural beauty back to life.


Lelawadee Thai Spa Killarney Pedicure – Your legs and feet are softened and pampered by a complete cleansing treatement of cuticles and shaping of the nails then a gentle half leg exfoliating scrub followed by a half leg massage. Then a choice of polish.
Lelawadee Thai Spa Killarney Manicure – Your hands are softened and pampered by a complete cleansing treatment of cuticles and shaping of the nails then a gentle exfoliating scrub followed by massage and a dipping of paraffin to soften your hands, Then a choice of polish.


Threading is an intricate art that gives a more definite, accurate, precise shape to the eyebrow . It is an ancient method of hair removal which originated in Arabia and South Asia.

It is a very delicate procedure, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. During this method a piece of 100% cotton thread is used. It is twisted and pulled along the area of unwanted hair, which lifts the hair out directly from the follicle.


Using the finest ingredients that are both luxurious and nourishing to the skin, these scrubs give your body a beautiful and healthy glow. A truly exotic and therapeutic experience.

Body Scrub is done by applying a scrub material on the body, one by one, rub the entire body. Then scrub and a half left to dry, then rubbed back with your palms, until the grains fall scrubs.


Waxing is a method of semi-permanent hair removal. It removes the hair from the root which delays the growth of new hairs in the waxed area for two to eight weeks, depending on your hair type.

From start to finish, Lelawadee gives you a super-clean and easy wax treatment. Lelawadee’s superior performance leaves you feeling smooth, silky and hair-free. our aromatherapy-based oils cleanse, soothe and calm the area.